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Licensed Psychotherapist & Trauma- Informed Coach Serving Asheville, North Carolina & Beyond

Betsy Cheslik, Hair Stylist

Instead of focusing on my relationship she told me that this is for me. My relationship with self. It wasn’t easy but I leaned so hard into being “selfish “ (what I thought at the time) that I became a higher version of self and ultimately when my toxic relationship did end it ended gracefully and organically and I was safe and excited for what was to come next. I’m so thankful Star popped into my world when she did. Best gift anyone could ever get themselves.

When I first reached out to Star I had been in a toxic relationship for three years and was struggling to either save it or safely exit it.

Danielle, Mother of a 4 year old 

The approach has opened my eyes to a whole new way of parenting. It is especially helpful and ensuring to know Star is there every step of the way and even on call through the transitions and transformation of the household. She is especially thorough and creative through out the workshop. 

Star and the NHA approach have changed the energy dynamic and confidence in my intense spirited child and our relationship. 

Josie, mother/foster parent, of a 7 year old and a 1 year old. 

NHA has given me the ability to take a step back, regather my thoughts as a parent, and build a positive reinforcement based parenting style. Stars ability to be vulnerable with her class and include her own trials, tribulations, and triumphs in her personal parenting life made the class more realistic and personable! I would highly recommend NHA to anyone and I would especially recommend the class taught by Star. 

I was hesitant with NHA initially, but Star created an extremely comfortable, judgement free, and supportive atmosphere to dive right into a new approach at parenting.

Deb Patterson, Accountant

I couldn’t imagine how I was going to get through it; every year seemed to get harder and harder. I saw a newspaper article on Star Bond who sounded like she had an unconventional style of engagement and motivation and decided to give her a call. Over the next 10 or so months of coaching, Star guided my thought processes and habits from rerunning negative and unproductive thought processing to looking forward to and expecting the coming opportunities brought about by adversity. She taught me the purpose of life and has turned pain into challenge and reward. Thank you Star for the new and productive me.

In February, 2018, I was possibly at the lowest point in my life and heading into tax season which requires 7 days a week of long and exhausting hours

Tobin, Father of a 5yr old and 8yr old

and we're so grateful. Plus, the approach, by its very nature, has us connecting with our children in everyday moments like we hadn't before. That's been healing for everyone. Learning from Star has been lovely. She's a no-nonsense mom who's been through the trenches, herself, turned things around with this approach, and is soo passionate about bringing it to other parents. I recommend Star Rose Bond and The Nurtured Heart Approach, wholeheartedly.

We're still new to NHA, but we're already seeing some marked improvements in our son's behavior...


Classes are lively and fun. This is the most respectful and direct parenting approach I've found.  I checked in with my daughter during our first week of trying NHA and was surprised when she lit up with: "For the first time ever, I feel seen and heard for all the good things that I do!"  I appreciate that we have a more authentic connection and the language to easily reset as needed. My whole family loves NHA.

Taking NHA classes from Star Rose Bond is a great experience.

 Anjeanette, Social Worker

She helped me navigate a very difficult situation with grace and insight. She helped me foster a deep awareness of the beauty, strength, and wisdom that is woven into the fabric of my being, and of every woman. With Star as my facilitator, I danced to the moon. I built an altar. I lay in a circle with my sisters and went on vision quests. I exercised demons. Strove toward and found acceptance. Working with Star helped me find peace at a time when I felt the most destructive sort of pain. She continues to help me now by recommending spiritual and yogic practices, as well as herbal remedies for both me and my fiancé. My fiancé has suffered from acne for decades; after using Star’s herbal prescription of tinctures, he has clear skin for the first time in his life. Star is an old-world-style healer. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants more than a quick-fix, who wants, instead, to change her perspective entirely, and to change her life.

Star came into my life when I needed a spiritual guide the most...

Jennifer L. Giordano, RN, BSN, IBCLC

and assisted new mother’s in their journey of new motherhood. She is able to capture the inner beauty of women and help them see their beauty. It is easy to trust her because her love for humanity is palpable. It was a pleasure to observe her work and grow from working with her

As a nurse and group facilitator for many years I was mesmerized by the simple, gentle way Star guided...

 Anna Tsontakis- Mally, Artist

Being more of a senior citizen I don’t think I would have been open to the workshop prior to meeting Star. I found her to be so open, authentic, enthusiastic, and passionate about her work, which was contagious, that I felt compelled to give it a try. I looked forward to the evenings of the workshop finding Star well prepared, ready to give of herself, inclusive and informative. Being a retired teacher ,I found Star to possess a natural ability to connect with others , also leading each of us to connect with each other. As a workshop leader I feel she has a great amount of skill, warm, compassion, and wisdom. So young and so alive.

I just completed a workshop with Star.

Ian Livingston, QMHP

I have had the opportunity to not only see Star in action, working with groups, but also to see the effect her expansive knowledge, personal charisma, and dynamic presentation style has upon the participants of those groups over time, in interviews and individual counseling sessions. People who come into one of Star’s groups cynical and dismissive of the subject matter leave inspired to apply her practical solutions in their lives. The effect is transformational. People who once imagined themselves flawed beyond repair develop skills for building insight and the kind of engagement with others that helps support and develop the self-esteem necessary to sustaining resilience in a traumatic world. I learn something new every time I work with her.

Star is amazing.

Stacey F. MD, Physician

Her ability to give each person the safety and support they need for personal growth and insight is remarkable. She helps nourish a sense of community and connectedness which is so rare these days. I personally gained so much from her workshops and look forward to learning with her again.

Star’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge shine through as she leads her workshops.

 Syama Masla, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic massage therapist & Ayurvedic Che

She shares from a place of truth and gives many personal experiences. I trust her guidance and her love for Women’s empowerment.

Star has a depth of wisdom behind her sparkly and playful eyes.

Greg Michna, Computer Engineer

She quickly saw who I was and what I needed to break free of my Fearful, Mundane, Self medicating life. With Passion, Support, Knowledge, and Love in her heart, she changed my life forever. If you’re willing to do the work, she will show you the way to a more amazing, fulfilling life. I cannot recommend her enough!

I’ve been to many Shrinks and Life Coaches, and Star is really nothing like that.

Jon Demeritt, Business Owner

and be the best person they can be. Having been into self improvement for many years, this was By Far the most I’ve learned about myself, my journey and spirituality in such a short period of time. I continue to use the practices Star taught me on a daily basis and have noticed a profound change in person I am now and my outlook on life. Best decision I ever made…nothing short of life altering.

I would highly recommend Star’s program for anyone looking to improve themselves...

Gianna Garrett, Mom

You give women of all walks of life, feelings of empowerment! That we can change or be the amazing women/person that we are meant to be, no matter what we’ve been through or have done in our past. You give us faith and drive to get beyond the nightmares of our past reality and make today a safe, happy and healthy life for ourselves. By far the best teacher of individual growth and recovery I’ve had the pleasure of learning from! Thank u for your personal determination to help others, because it’ll never be the same because now we know too much!

You teach with such conviction because u believe in and truly live by the methods in which u teach!

 Kristin Esposito, Writer, Yoga Instructor

when teaching yoga, you simply feel as if you’re being carried through your practice. Her classes are a thoughtful combination of dance-like flow and insightful wisdom. It’s such a treat taking her class that I didn’t want it to end.

Star has a wonderful way with her words and such a graceful presence...

Sharyn Glowatz, Technology Recruiter/Animal Rescuer

Her groups are well organized and she creates a safe and intimate space where the women in the group can bond with each other and share deep feelings. She introduced me to many new concepts that have been life changing. She is fully present as a leader and just a very warm, smart lady! I look forward to working with her again.

Star is an inspiring and warm group facilitator.

Allison Howard, Cannabis Rep.

Her neuroscience based approach is refreshing, grounding, & cathartic. It’s very obvious there is a large amount of care & love Star puts into her work. Her level of honesty & support is unmatched! In the short time we worked together, mountains moved for me. I now have the tools to self-regulate and help myself!!! From my perspective, Star is an alchemist of the human condition, and working with her was one of the best decisions I’ve made to date.

If you’re ready to cut through your bullshit rapid speed, Star’s your gal.

Lexi Bella, Visual Artist, Blogger, Yoga Instructor

Her combination of compassion and deep strength help her to lead the deepest journey of a weeklong workshop to a simple yoga practice. It is life changing to work with her!

Star is an incredible force of a woman with a gift of healing & intuition.

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